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What are the starting signs of diabetes and Its medicine?
16 Mar 2023

What are the starting signs of diabetes and Its medicine?

There are many signs and symptoms of initial stage of diabetes.

How would you identify if you have diabetes? Well, most early signs of diabetes are higher levels of glucose than normal in your blood. Initially, the warning signs are mild enough to notice. This applies in the case of type 2 diabetes. Some people don’t even come to know until the problems turn into long-term damage that takes place due to diabetes. Symptoms show up faster in type 1 diabetes in just a couple of days or weeks. They are serious too.


What are the early signs of diabetes to check out for?

Both the diabetes type comes with similar warning signs


  • Hunger and tiredness

Your body transforms the food you eat into sugar for your cells to use for generating energy. But, insulin is required by the cells to absorb glucose.

If your body is unable to make sufficient insulin or cells couldn’t take the insulin, the sugar cannot enter them and you are left with no energy. This gives rise to increased hunger and tiredness than normal.


  • Being thirstier with frequent urination

A non-diabetic person needs to pee 4-7 times a day. But, diabetic people have to pee more than that. The reason is that your body re-absorbs sugar as it travels via your kidneys. But, when the disease elevates your blood sugar, your kidney fails to bring it back. It increases the production of urine. It increases the frequency of urination in diabetic people and they get thirstier.


  • Itchy skin and dry mouth

These signs occur as the body is utilizing the fluids to produce urine which decreases the levels of moisture required for other things. It will make you dehydrated and causes dryness in the mouth. Due to dry skin, you will experience itchiness.


  • Blurred vision

When the fluid levels in the body change, it can cause swelling in eye lenses. It will change shape and you will find it difficult to focus. Some early signs of Type 2 diabetes include yeast infection in men and women, slow healing of cuts and sores, pain/numbness in legs, feet


Treatment for Type 2 diabetes

You will find a lot of medicine that help manage type 2 diabetes like  Metformin hcl,, JANUMET 50+1000MG, GLYCOMET SR 1000MG, JANUVIA 100MG, and Forxiga 10mg  your doctor may prescribe you with other medicines or alone. These tablets allow you to manage elevated blood sugar levels. It cuts down the risk of other serious complications that may arise because of diabetes and helps prevent heart disease.


How to take this tablet?

It is better to follow the instructions of the physician for the dosage. He may ask you to take diabetes medicine with/without meals. The correct dose will be decided by the medical expert. Do not stop taking this tablet without telling your medical expert. Doing so will shoot up your blood sugar levels and increase the risk of complications like blindness and kidney damage. Apart from just taking this tablet, if you follow a balanced diet, exercise, and manage weight, you can manage diabetes without any hassles. You should maintain good hygiene in your genital area to avoid related side infections that include vaginal infection, infection of nasal passages, and throat and urinary tract infections. Drinking water in enough quantity will help you avoid dehydration.


What are the things you should notify your healthcare provider about?

Before you take forxiga 10mg, notify your healthcare provider if you have any health problems related to liver, kidney, or urinary tract infections or if you are taking water pills.

Pregnant/breastfeeding ladies should speak to their medical professional before taking this tablet. While taking Forxiga 10mg (Dapagliflozin) tablet, avoid drinking excessive alcohol as it can give rise to side effects. Keep a track of your blood sugar levels while taking this tablet.


What is this tablet used for?

This tablet treats Type 2 diabetes mellitus


Know about the benefits

This tablet helps control the increased blood sugar levels. It allows you to eliminate extra sugar from your body via urine. To manage diabetes properly, you need to reduce blood sugar levels in your body. Once you control those levels, you can reduce further risk of serious complications that may happen due to diabetes like eye damage, kidney damage, loss of limbs, and nerve problems.

This tablet also lowers the risk of heart disease if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and also have heart disease. A proper diet and exercise with this tablet can help you manage diabetes effectively. Take it for the duration required as told by the medical experts.


Side effects that you may experience

  • Nausea
  • Polyuria
  • Vomiting
  • Genital fungal infection
  • Nasopharyngitis
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Urinary tract infection


Frequently Asked Questions


Q-Will the use of Forxiga(Dapagliflozin)10mg result in weight loss?

Yes. This tablet can lead to weight loss in some people. It is a rare side effect. If you see abrupt weight gain or loss, speak to your medical expert.

Q-What side effects I can expect after using this tablet?

Using this tablet can some symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, yeast infections of the penis, and yeast infection in the vagina. Also, you may face frequent urination all through day/night and may notice changes in urine amounts.

Q-How does this tablet help diabetic people?

This tablet is helpful to reduce blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetic patients. This tablet removes the extra sugar from your body through urine. It also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Q-Is this tablet safe?

Yes. This medicine is effective and safe if you use it as told by the medical expert. It may produce some side effects. To get the expected results, use it in the correct dose.

Q-Is it okay to discontinue using this tablet?

No. do not discontinue Forxiga 10mg tablet without speaking to your healthcare provider. If you discontinue this tablet all of a sudden, your diabetes can get worse. If your symptoms are bothering you, notify your diabetologist. Also, inform him if you see no visible improvement in your condition. The diabetologist may recommend an alternate medicine to treat diabetes.

Q-Who should avoid taking this tablet?

If the patient is allergic to this tablet, he/she should not take it. Also, this medicine is not advisable for people who are having kidney problems or are on dialysis.

Q-I am planning surgery. Can I take this tablet before my surgical procedure?

Tell your physician if you are using this tablet before undergoing surgery. The medical expert may ask you to discontinue this tablet before the surgical procedure. This is done to avoid the chances of developing a serious condition - diabetic ketoacidosis.

Q-Why did my diabetologist give me this tablet with metformin?

For some individuals, only metformin can help lower blood glucose levels. This proof suggests that including Forxiga 10mg tablet in metformin treatment can offer more control over managing elevated blood sugar levels in some individuals.

So, your medical expert may prescribe a combination of these two tablets to offer you additional help.


This tablet is effective when taken as per the guidance of the doctor. Do not try to change the dosage, do not stop taking it without checking with the doctor, and try and incorporate an exercise routine and healthy foods to manage diabetes properly.